Our canine ambassador (and resident thief)

As part of the Pier Team, Dave’s been working hard to make all guests feel right at home. Though Dave missed the opportunity to become an official BC Guide Dog by a snout, he’s very pleased to bring his skills and passions to the talented Sidney Pier team. Highly trained at lounging in the lobby, walking hotel guests, swimming and games of fetch, Dave is committed to his goal of making every guest smile. Be warned though… he has a soft spot for muffins from Café Georgia. Don’t leave them unattended!




Cconstant love and attention and a full benefits package including health coverage and room and board

Job Description

Lounging on his doggie bed in the hotel lobby, playing with children and children-at-heart, going for runs and walks with hotel guests

Job Experience

Remarkably well-trained by the BC Guide Dog Association but, lucky for the hotel, flunked out of the program


Black English Lab


July 16, 2006


Muffins, kids, carrots, furry friends and rolling around in Beacon Park

Family Ties

Dave’s dad, Baker, is a guide dog based in California and clearly the inspiration for Dave’s laid back attitude and surfer style. Dave also has five siblings.



Lemons into Lemonade

Successful BC Guide dogs require a seamless combination of unwavering obedience and steadfast leadership. While very close, Dave’s lack of initiative might actually be disguised as genius, leading to his fall-back career of lying around, stealing food and schmoozing guests.

I Love a Dog in Uniform

Dave has been trained to work and always wears his jacket when on shift – it’s a signal to him that he is on duty… Always on the cutting edge of animal fashion, Dave is sporting a custom-made Sidney Pier jacket. A stringent proponent of work-life balance, guests and colleagues know that when his jacket is off, Dave is off duty!

Pet Policy

You are welcome to bring your dog with you.  Our 3rd floor is pet friendly so be sure to let us know you are bringing one along.  The Pet Fee is $50 per stay.